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AES Motto
Allendale Elementary is a " School of L. I. T. E. "




School Mission
AES Mission

The mission of Allendale Elementary School is to prepare students to become competent,
responsible individuals by providing a safe environment where cultural differences are
recognized, respected, celebrated and to provide realistic educati
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Sheila Leath

Jessica Wright
Assistant Principal

Physical /Mailing Address
Allendale Elementary School
3305 Allendale-Fairfax Highway
Fairfax, SC 29827
Phone: (803) 584-3476

Allendale County Campaign To Prevent Teen Pregnancy

about 1 year ago

The Allendale County Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy believes and promotes that abstinence (not having sex) is the first and best choice for all children. We also respect the right of students to have accurate information to allow them to make responsible choices regarding their sexual health and future family planning.