Allendale-Fairfax Elementary School will have a safe, orderly environment where faculty, staff and administration will work in harmony with mutual trust and respect where each child reaches high academic achievements and has his/her dreams nurtured. 


Our mission is to create and maintain an environment that ensures that every student reaches a high level of academic achievement as determined by state and national standards. To ensure that this happens we commit to a comprehensive system of support. 


  • Learning is a continuous lifelong process and all children can succeed.

  • Every child deserves an equal educational opportunity and the right to learn without interference in a safe, comfortable and stimulating environment.

  • High Expectations produce excellence.

  • All children need consistent, appropriate feedback on their behavior and achievements.

  • Physical and mental health contributes to success.

  • The fine arts are an integral part of a child's education that help develop creative thinking skills.

  • It takes the combined effort and involvement of children, parents and all adults in the school environment to ensure learning, positive self-esteem and success for students.

  • Education is ever-changing and capable of preparing children for the technology and problem solving skills needed in the 21st Century.

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