Due to school closures because of the COVID-19 there will be alternative services and access for students, parents, and teachers during this time.

 Please check this page frequently as updates are being made.

Types of Student Services

Individual- Student can meet one one with the school counselor to discuss a wide range of concerns with the school counselor.

Small Group- 4 or more students meet periodically several times to work on skills that include but is not limited to confidence, self-esteem, self- awareness, social skills, anger management, anxiety, etc. 

Classroom Guidance - Classrooms receive a lesson during the school day that focuses on an academic, personal/social, or career standard through ASCA. 

April Lesson :

COVID-19 Tips:

April 22 Guidance Handout:

May 8-22 Guidance Materials:

2020-2021 School Year Handouts 

September 2020 Guidance -

Student Interventions- Students may need additional support in the school setting and accommodations can be made to ensure the student's needs are being met at AES. 

Types of Parent Services 

 Consultation- School counselor can discuss concerns a parent/guardian may have in regards to their student via phone or in person. 

Conference- Parents can have a conference with the school counselor by coming to the school or by setting up an appointment by calling 803-584-3476 or e-mailing Ms.Newton at

Types of Staff Services 

Consultation- School counselor can discuss concerns staff member may have in regards to their student or role within the school. 

Conference- Staff can have a conference with the school counselor by setting up an appointment in the most convenient  way that works.