Winter iReady Testing

Greetings Tiger Families, 

iReady testing will begin on Tuesday, November 15, 2022.  Students will begin testing at 8:00am.

What is iReady?

i-Ready is an online program for reading and/or mathematics that will help your student's teacher(s) determine your student's needs, personalize their learning, and monitor progress throughout the school year.

Why is iReady so good?

i-Ready is a great for an adaptive, supplemental learning tool. Its main strength lies in diagnosing students' needs, and then targeting personalized practice and instruction for each individual.

Does iReady affect your grade?

iReady is not a “high-stakes” test and the results are not factored into student grades but used to provide researched based academic interventions. The iReady scores are just one piece of a student's reading and mathematics profile and are used in conjunction with many other mathematics assessments and performances.